“Slut March Hollywood Blvd 2018

A Walk of No Shame

Sex workers are not just human beings who work and deserve rights, sex workers help keep society safe by providing emotional and physical support to millions of people when they are feeling vulnerable or alone, and in need of human touch or companionship. 

Making life difficult for sex workers, makes life difficult. The community that provides for sexual health and healing is one of the communities that is responsible for calming stress levels and creating well being. Sex and BDSM are medicine, and should recognized as such. We have bodies. Our bodies need to be touched, seen, heard, and some need to be gagged and put in a corner in cherry red stilettos. 

We are D.A.D; Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump, and we pee standing!

This is our official response to Trump signing SESTA / FOSTA and making the world unsafe for sex workers. The BDSM & the sex worker communities stand in solidarity at the forefront of culture wars and demand equal rights for safety, work, and voice. 

Violence and censorship to one of us, is violence and censorship of all of us. 

We call on any woman that feels diminished by the Trump Presidency to “Stand up and Pee” and join in our “Pee Inns”.

 To participate, all you have to do is:

1. find something with Trumps name (preferably a building)

2 Pee on it

3/ Post you video to our youtube chanel or send it to us