Dominatrixes Against Donald Trump

Peeing on Trump today for a better America tomorrow!


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About D.A.D

D.A.D is a collective of Pro-Dommes and their allies.

Our goal is to highlight:

1. The hypocrisy, injustice and double standard that’s applied to sex workers and the politicians that hire them. A Dominatrix who pees on Trump can be sent to jail, while Trump can pay to be peed on and he gets to be President

2. How mens sexual shame is the root cause of most of our problems as a society. Almost every major catastophe in the world right now is because some man is afraid the public will find out what he did with his pee-pee

3. The need for more Women in leadership postitions / positions of power

Our Diabolical Plan:

We plan to use our Dominatrix skills to humiliate Trump online and IRL until he resigns or is impeached. 

Our History

DAD was founded in August 2016. It grew out of Tara Indiana’s satirical run for President against Trump, initially taking shape during a campaign fundraiser.  After the shock of the Clinton loss, it became necessary to channel the collective power of our group to organize political actions, both to protect the rights of the differently-pleasured under a Trump administration and do what we can as Dominatrixes to help get Trump Impeached.

How You Can Your Participate:


Participate on polital actions to unnerve Donald Trump and force him to resign. Send him a tiny dildo from our amazon wishlist.


Come to DAD Parties and Events where we provide the Trump and you provide the pee! That’s right; at our monthly partied you can actually pee on Trump


Become a D.A.D Spokesmodel! You don’t have to be a Dominatrix, but it helps. Simply take a picture of you abusing a slave in a Trump Mask and voila!



This shit costs money. Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Show D.A.D. that you have their back. Give today!

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